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I currently offer two services:

Individual Coaching    and    The Thriving Life Program

Individual Coaching

Individual Chronic Illness coaching is a process that provides very effective support for: (a) determining what changes would improve quality of life, (b) developing a plan of action that incorporates those changes, and (c) following through, step by step, to permanent change and improvement.

»  Goals of Chronic Illness Coaching

      The Goals of Chronic Illness Coaching are for You to:

Accomplish much more than before and feel a greater sense of success.
Maintain ongoing progress toward a better quality of life.
Feel a greater sense of purpose in your life.

»  Coaching Process

Coaching sessions take place by phone. The frequency and the length of the sessions will depend on your situation. Most people do best by starting out with weekly sessions. Some like an additional short check-in session each week; others find that checking in by email is very helpful.

During our sessions, we’ll talk about your situation, your challenges, and the things that matter to you. We may brainstorm and explore how you can find better treatments; talk about and plan fun things to do; investigate how you can communicate better and more effectively with your family, your caregivers, and others; or look at ways for you to attain the dreams you’ve given up on or forgotten.

At the end of every session you will have a specific action plan, including steps to take, things to think about and consider, and resources to explore before our next session.

»  Is Coaching a Good Choice For You?

I offer a limited number of no-fee introductory 20-minute coaching sessions each month. If you’d like to look into how coaching can help you with your chronic illness challenges, I invite you to contact me to reserve one of those sessions.

My fees for subsequent sessions are as follows:

30-minute sessions  -  $100
45-minute sessions  -  $140

The Thriving Life Program

Do you frequently wonder if you will ever get better or worry that your illness will get worse and worse?

Have you become depressed or anxious since your diagnosis?

Do you experience feelings of hopelessness?

Are you afraid that you're not a good partner or spouse or parent?

Do you feel that people, even good friends and family members, don't understand what your life is really like? Has your illness kept you isolated?

If you answered yes to one or more questions, My Thriving Life program may be what you've been looking for. In it, you will discover how to live well and have much more happiness, in spite of having a chronic illness.

For over 12 years I have been helping my clients:

- Overcome depression and anxiety

- Get the understanding and support they need and deserve

- Get the best possible medical care from their doctors and health care practitioners

- Create new dreams - and then make doable plans to achieve them

And a lot more!

“Tom's demeanor was so warm and accepting, and after speaking for just a few moments I felt completely at ease.  It was clear that he understood my difficulties even though our disabilities are different.”

“I finally have hope that my life will be normal - my normal.  I did a lot of crying while we were on the phone, but it was very cleansing.  When we hung up I felt empowered.”

Julie H.,Michigan
Illnesses: severe migraines, depression

You will understand My coaching process a lot better after you've had an initial no cost (but high value!) coaching session, but here's a brief explanation of how he helps people:

Most of us can be our own worst enemy, and that is especially true when we are in a difficult situation and we think we have contributed to it. For example, when people are diagnosed with a serious chronic illness, more often than not they are critical of themselves or blame themselves for getting it.

So one of the first things I do is show and teach my clients how to be gentle with themselves and give themselves as much understanding and compassion as they possibly can.

Making this one change alone makes such a big difference in people's quality of life that one of my clients called it her biggest accomplishment for last year.

“Tom, I've been seeing my counselor for years, but I've gained more insight from you than I dreamed possible.”

Margot W., Florida
Illness: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

If you are feeling overwhelmed or hopeless because you have a serious chronic illness, I will listen deeply to fully understand what your life with a chronic illness, including the difficult challenges you face, is like.

After I do that, I will show you how to give yourself the support and empathy you would give to a dear friend. When you have learned to do that well, I will help you see things you can do and steps you can take to make your life better and better, no matter how impossible that seems right now.

People's symptoms often improve, sometimes a lot. But even when they don't, our work together helps them find fulfillment and joy again.

“It was a beautiful calming experience to speak with you on the phone. I am so glad I called.”

Cecelie D., New York

As shown below, you have the option of being in the Thriving Life Program for 2 months, six months, or 12 months.

In addition to your individual coaching calls with me, there will also be group coaching calls for everyone enrolled in the program. In them, I will give lessons on the different aspects of living well with a chronic illness, and answer everyone's questions. Recordings of the group calls will be provided.

“Your coaching, which was gentle sometimes, firm others, often humorous and very insightful helped me regain my former positive outlook and take effective steps to rebalancing my life with all the challenges I now have.”

Lisa L., New Jersey
Illness: diabetes

The fees and the number of individual coaching sessions for the different enrollment periods are shown below.

Program Options

Program Duration:
12 Months
3 Months
Number of Individual
45-minute Coaching Sessions:
Current Fee:
Monthly: $440
Single Payment: $5040
Monthly: $480
Single Payment: $1360

To find out if my Thriving Life Program is right for you, let's start with a no cost coaching session and see where it goes.

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