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Individual Coaching

Individual Chronic Illness coaching is a process that provides very effective support for: (a) determining what changes would improve quality of life, (b) developing a plan of action that incorporates those changes, and (c) following through, step by step, to permanent change and improvement.

»  Goals of Chronic Illness Coaching

      The Goals of Chronic Illness Coaching are for You to:

Accomplish much more than before and feel a greater sense of success.
Maintain ongoing progress toward a better quality of life.
Feel a greater sense of purpose in your life.
Know how to effectively deal with the medical system to get the best possible treatment and care.

»  Coaching Process

Coaching sessions take place by phone. The frequency and the length of the sessions will depend on your situation. Most people do best by starting out with weekly sessions. Some like an additional short check-in session each week; others find that checking in by email is very helpful.

During our sessions, we’ll talk about your situation, your challenges, and the things that matter to you. We may brainstorm and explore how you can find better treatments; talk about and plan fun things to do; investigate how you can communicate better and more effectively with your family, your caregivers, and others; or look at ways for you to attain the dreams you’ve given up on or forgotten.

At the end of every session you will have a specific action plan, including steps to take, things to think about and consider, and resources to explore before our next session.

In my introductory session, Thomas was very compassionate and gave me more understanding than I?ve gotten in a long time and he gave me ideas to help me with my situation. But more than that, he gave me some new ways to take care of myself that will help me for the rest of my life. Thank you, Thomas!”

Carla D
Chicago, Illinois

»  Is Chronic Illness Coaching For You?

If you would like to get a firsthand experience of my coaching to see how helpful it can be for you, please contact me for a no-cost introductory session.

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