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I know you’re looking for real changes, and a real difference in the way you deal with and manage your illness, so that you can have more control and quality in your life. Here are the kinds of real changes and real differences you can expect from working with me:

Rather than just coping with your illness or being resigned to it running its course and controlling your life, you’ll get strategies for being proactive and making changes that significantly improve how you feel. You?ll also learn what to do so that you don’t fall between cracks in the medical system, but instead get the best care possible.
You will start accomplishing more and you’ll start to feel an ongoing sense of progress and control. You’ll find out where you have power to make things happen and you’ll start making use of that newfound power.
You will have better communication with people, especially those closest to you. The better communication, and the other differences described above, will result in better relationships--often dramatically better--with those people.
Instead of feeling like you’re defined by your illness, you will start to create a sense of purpose in your life. You’ll also get in touch with and start working toward some of the dreams you used to have. And you’ll probably add some new ones and start working toward those as well.

In short, your quality of life will be greatly improved.

Click here to find out how I coach so you can have these kinds of results, or click here to learn more about who I work with.

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